Interact with permissions for keyboard users

This issue has been tracked since 2021-11-23.

I'd like to have an ability to open the permission dialog and toggle the active permissions from keyboard.
How do I expect it to work:

  1. Click a keyboard shortcut to open the NoScript dialog. Let's say Ctrl+Alt+s.
  2. NoScript dialog should appear.
  3. First domain should be highlighted.
  4. Use jk to move the active domain selection (5j could move 5 lines down as in vim-emulated environments because some pages have monstrous amount of scripts)
  5. Press Space or Enter to allow a script to run temporarily (toggle default mode). Or press hl to customize (non-trusted, temporary, allowed, ...)
  6. Esc to exit (which would cause a page reload)

I expect hjkl to be used but arrow keys could also be supported.

Do you think this is a useful piece of functionality? I thought about designing my own extension which would wrap NoScript but then I'd need to mainain it.
I also thought whether it would be possible to trigger NoScript from a different extension. This way I could design a different UI for this one and ship it separately. But I'm not sure if it's possible.

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