Need to refresh websites for them to load correctly, even when Trusted

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I have issues where websites, for example, even when Trusted, will not load entirely or properly until I refresh them. For example for, it won't show the theming I have for it, and if I search directly from the browser, it will just show without results.

Noscript will also show this icon image until I refresh, and it looks like the expected image

I don't think this is old behaviour, and I think it started happening on websites, not only (though it's the only one I remember now that I'm writing this issue, and where I can reproduce the error every time).

I'm using:

  • Vivaldi 5.1.2567.39 (Stable channel) stable (64-bit)
  • Endeavour OS (Arch Linux)
  • Noscript Version 11.2.21
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