Please don't use CSS variables with name as simple as --icon-size to avoid breaking pages.

This issue has been tracked since 2022-03-23.

Since the latest version, the file , who is injected in all web pages, use new CSS variables like:

:root {
  --icon-size: 2em;
  --line-size: 1.5em;
  --popup-size: 600px;

This break my web application because I, unfortunately, use the same name:
and your file has priority over my own CSS.

I think all CSS variables should be prefixed by --noscript to avoid breaking pages.

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-03-23

You're right, that's been an accidental mistake due to the hurry of putting out the Vintage Blue theme switch.

The rule selectors were not meant to be the naked :root and .vintage, but the more specific and unlikely to create collisions .NoScript_Theme and .NoScript_Theme_.vintage.

Fixing this in the next iteration, thanks for noticing.

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