Icons are indistinguishable and hard to use after the redesign

This issue has been tracked since 2022-03-26.

Browser: Firefox v98.0.1
Noscript: v11.4.1

I am a regular user of noscript. I am extremely glad that there are intentions to improve the project,. But the new icons are really hard to distinguish. I have to look for multiple cues to make sure it is blocked or unblocked.

Below is a good example. Instead of having to look at just the icons to confirm I have done an action. Icons don't help anymore after you click on it since it is hard to distinguish the state based on icons like in the below scenario. I have to depend on the font being red for the link.


I know people are always up in arms about a change, but this is just making it really hard. Old I cons are crystal clear and crisp and does it job of conveying the action. Look at websites with ton of scripts. While I have temp trusted the entire site shown in the screenshot below, it was hard to confirm since I don't see any distinguishable change in the top right corner icons (3 in the below screenshot). And took me a while to confirm that all the scripts are temp trusted thanks to temp trusted texts as shown below (2 in screenshot). Icons didn't help.


Been using No Script for a few years now. It is an essential part of the browser. Thanks a lot for the work.

Felipe9999 wrote this answer on 2022-03-26

You can turn on "Vintage Blue" (essentially the old icons) in the settings image menu


unsungNovelty wrote this answer on 2022-03-26

Thank you @Felipe9999 !
I actually checked the release notes and saw this functionality was added. But couldn't find it.
I should've checked the forums or the UI a couple more times I guess. Closing this now.

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-03-26

I'm reopening this issue because I'd really like to make the Modern Red theme (which is currently undergoing a review from real accessibility expert) at least as usable as the Vintage Blue one.

Could you please check the improvements I've just added in RC5? Thanks!

unsungNovelty wrote this answer on 2022-03-26

@hackademix - Thanks for looking into it swiftly. The RC5 looks much more improved and distinguishable. I still find the new design hard compared to the old one. But I would've tolerated and gladly waited for this design to evolve without complaining if RC5 was in the place of v11.4.1.

The RC5 also fixed and takes care of my other thought:

  • Everything feels thicker and hence crowded. The font is bolder too. I am not sure if this plays into accessibility, but I think making things a little more thinner than now would help.

As a regular user, this is a great improvement. I can just wait for it to evolve. Hope this helps and thanks again @hackademix! :)

RC5 screenshot for other's reference


jawz101 wrote this answer on 2022-04-17

I am going to be blunt- This updated color scheme and gradient stuff is awful. Instead of making it more accesibile it's as if they made the interface be colorblind for everyone.

  • Get rid of the alternating, horizontal gradient line items. If you want to have separation use lines in between entries if anything.
  • Use better iconography. 4 of the icons are S's with tiny distinguishing subicons. Make the entire icon be an hourglass or clock 🕑--. Not an S with a tiny symbol. Color was another visual indicator and this black & red color scheme actually dropped one color (blue) from the equation so now it's just more colorblind! How about adding colors instead of taking some away?
  • Use word labels instead of hovering descriptions. I can't hover over things on a cell phone anyways, so I'll never see meanings of icons.

I'm not an accesibility expert but accessibility is about using labels that screen readers can read and using distinguishable visualizations for those with colorblindness or other visual problems. This alternating gradient gray/white buttons with alternating gray and white lines thing makes me dizzy.

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