Error fetching some stylesheets

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I ran into some stylesheets that don't apply on a page, even if their domain is temporarily or permanently trusted in NoScript. I'm trying to figure out why this happens and have hit a debugging wall. Here's what I've got:

With every domain 'temporarily trusted', nothing is shown in the blocked count, but the stylesheets in this forum don't load, yet stylesheets from the same domain load on another forum (working) running on the same software.

The not working example has messages about those stylesheets in the console reading "Error fetching" and then a reference to the element, which are emitted by prefetchCSSResources.js from NoScript. Grabbing the first example, I'm able to open that URL in another tab, and the forum is properly styled if NoScript is turned off.

I'm running an updated NoScript v 11.4.4 on Firefox Developer Edition 100.0b4

Can anyone reproduce this? Is there a fix?


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