Firefox: Incorrect count of Blocked Items, and Tab does not render

This issue has been tracked since 2022-04-24.

Firefox 99.0.1 (64-bit), NoScript 11.4.5 and prior version.

A tab with facebook Messenger in it does not render even when both listed scripts are temporarily trusted. Additionally, the display of the count of scripts is not correct. The only way to render the page is to Duplicate the tab (Reload does not make it render).



hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-04-25

I cannot reproduce.
Could you please check if this happens on a clean browser profile with just NoScript installed?

jeronymite wrote this answer on 2022-04-25

Thanks for your help, Giorgio.

It works in the minimal profile you suggested. Following on from that, I tested with other extensions enabled/disabled and found that it seems to fail as documented above when HTTPS Everywhere is installed and enabled, but does not fail when that extension remains installed but is disabled. It requires a browser restart after enable/disable of the extension to demonstrate. Seems like some form of conflict?


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