Cookie seems not correctly managed even with all scripts marked reliable

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It happens very rarely but is always disturbing: not being able to accept cookies because of a scrip issue.

To be able to order some products on a web site, technical cookies must be accepted.
With FF, I had at least two times the problem.

To workaround, I had to manually delete the cookie of the website. So I suspect a bad cookies management.

It looks like the script(s), although all marked as reliable within noscript, didn't manage to see that basic technical cookies were accepted, and it keeped on asking again and again the same request.

How can I be sure that noscript is or is not responsible for that kind of problem? (script and cookie relation...)
Is there some detailed noscript logs file to find out ? (never looked for that before...)


hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-08-19

NoScript's script blocking should not mess with cookies if not indirectly (when they're set from JavaScript only, which is a discouraged practice nowadays because they couldn't be flagged as https-only).

However a similar problem happened to me just yesterday, and it turned out to be Firefox's own "Enhanced Tracking Protection" feature, which I needed to disable in order to interact correctly with a website.

MdeLv wrote this answer on 2022-08-19

Thanks for your under 3 mn so fast answer!

It's quite good to know that FF has strict protections...

However, do you recommend to disable this FF "Enhanced Tracking Protection" and stick to noscript+ghostery only?

Can you pls. elaborate about "cookies set from JavaScript only, which is a discouraged practice nowadays because they couldn't be flagged as https-only"?
Is there a reference document that explains good practices to beginner or bad developpers or webmasters?

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-08-19

Sorry, in the hurry I wrote "https-only" instead of http-only - also because... HTTPS everywhere ;)

Regarding Fx's built-in anti-tracking, I use that on top of NoScript. And it's also good to have it enabled if you are a developer and want to "see" what other Fx users see.

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