No way to ensure NoScript v11.2.11 might self-update to latest v11.4.9

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This is mainly a JFYI after I checked this issue using Firefox Portable on my Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64.
After I found nothing similar with my quick search among already opened issue or within changelog I'm also unsure if/how it might be easily solvable other then manually removing old version and then installing current/latest. Anyway here are more details on my environment.
My Firefox Portable was v84.0.2 when NoScript v11.2.11 was installed, and worked fine then but because of so much time passed since my last Firefox Portable usage I had to upgrade it to current/latest v103.0.2 to also ensure I had all latest FF security fixes too.
After that I also tried to manually force updating NoScript v11.2.11 (Default was its own setting for "Allow automatic updates") but nothing happened and also noticed that it was no more working properly like it did in the past.
Since I found weird that NoScript wasn't receiving updates I searched more on FF addons site and obviously found "NoScript Security Suite" so maybe issue was also in part related its name change.
P.S. Maybe just adding a quick note on current "NoScript Security Suite" description page might probably also help others to solve more quiclky if experiencing a similar issue too.

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-08-19

Just tried to reproduce on a fresh Firefox installation, by installing 11.2.11 first (from ) and then triggering an update from about:addons (settings icon, Check for updates).
It immediately upgraded to 11.4.9.

Can you reproduce on a clean profile?

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