Potential identity leak protection usability

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After updating to version 11.4.9 of noscript, I get the message displayed below nearly every single time I open a link using the middle mouse key (thereby opening the linked site in a background tab)

(running on linux and firefox 104 in permanent private mode)

I am aware that I can disable this feature, but since I dont know for certain what this feature really does and how this would affect my privacy, disabling it may not be the best idea and having each user try to decide this not a good solution anyway.

From my perspective as a end user, this feature is extremely annoying and I would strongly advocate to reconsider this approach.

As a quick fix, it would help to provide an option to just check a box that sets the choice for all sites, to either load all sited normally or anonymously without ever having to see this pop up again.

For a general solution I believe these kinds of dialogs should not be left to the end user anyway, since most have a near zero chance of making an educated decision on this.

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-09-28

We're working to make it more usable (no modal warnings) and keep the modal choice as an option here.

Visiraptor wrote this answer on 2022-09-28

Thanks for this nice feautre.
Yes, it could be more user-friendly, e.g. by having the additional choice of "Always load X" (so you only have to set it once). Something similar was talked about on your link, so this would mean you are working on it already. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
Oh, and making it possible to just press "Enter" (via Keyboard) would be nice, because for now I always have to move my mouse to click the "OK" box (which cost me a lot of time and it is kinda frustrating that it is not possible to use my keyboard for it).

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