Randomly causes Firefox to stop loading web pages

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This has already been reported on the forums here:

I've been having the same problem for months now. Which means I've updated Firefox I-don't-know-how-many-times while I've been having this issue. Only way to fix it is to either disable NoScript or restart Firefox. Even disabling then re-enabling NoScript fails to solve it, as once NoScript is enabled again, it stops web pages from loading again.
Is there anyway to flush and refresh NoScript so that it restarts "clean"?

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-10-25

Is there anyway to flush and refresh NoScript so that it restarts "clean"?

Of course: NoScript Options>Reset.

eyedELhands wrote this answer on 2022-10-30

I meant without erasing all my preferences and site permissions.
I guess the "clean" was misleading...I meant is there a way to restart NoScript as if I had just restarted Firefox so that when this bug stops Firefox from working, I just have to restart NoScript and not Firefox.
And judging by your response, the answer to that is no.

hackademix wrote this answer on 2022-10-30

I meant is there a way to restart NoScript

Yes, disabling and re-enabling an add-on is functionally equivalent to a "restart", and it seems it didn't work for you.

If we did not try this yet, I'd suggest to do a NoScript Options>Export and send me the file (which you can use also to restore your settings later, should you want to try my first reset suggestion).

eyedELhands wrote this answer on 2022-10-30

Tried exporting > resetting > importing and no, it didn't work.
Also tried resetting without importing, that didn't work either.
Also disabling globally failed to fix this.

Here are the 2 debugs.

The one labeled DEBUG - WHILE FROZEN is from when it wasn't working and I reset and did not import my old settings, so NoScript was reset entirely to default.

The one labeled DEBUG - WORKING AGAIN is from after I restarted Firefox, again without importing old settings, so NoScript was still reset to default.

For both debugs, I used google.com to test NoScript, since that's one of the sites whitelisted by default, and it only worked after Firefox was restarted.


Rhialto wrote this answer on 2022-11-13

I seem to have this problem too.

It started some months ago, and it got more and more frequent. Recently, Firefox would break (as in "web pages stop loading, even cached ones, but special URIs like resource://gre/modules/ExtensionChild.jsm keep working") within a minute. This makes Firefox totally unusable, unfortunately.

jospezial wrote this answer on 2022-11-23

Me too. Since some months. Firefox-bin nightly now at 109, linux x86-64, Xserver.
When the freeze happens then new opened tabs are not visible on the tab bar.
I can switch between them with ctrl+tab and see that it switches in window title bar and task bar.
If I click "about firefox" in help menu suddenly the content of the website is shown as it should but content not click- or scrollable.
The "about firefox" window then sometimes does not show the fox logo.

While writing this comment I had the same freeze of view even with disabled noscript extension.
I was able to blindly use ctrl+a and ctrl+c to copy this.
Maybe ublock or another extension suffers from the same bug. Or it is really a bug of firefox.
But with disabled noscript extension it now took longer to get the freeze.
Nothing special shown debugging firefox with gdb.
Will try with all extension disabled but that will be non fun.

jospezial wrote this answer on 2022-11-23

The firefox chronic window also works strange then.

Now I had that freeze with all extensions disabled.

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