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Describe the bug
When using with v-combobox or v-autocomplete from Vuetify, the input field needs to be clicked twice to be able to use simple-keyboard to input more that one character. If input field is clicked once, as normally, only one simple-keyboard button can be pressed before input is blurred and a one-character "chip" is created.

I have been struggling with this for a while in my app, and just cannot figure out what is the reason. It can of course be an issue with Vuetify too. I cannot find anything special happening with the second click, no new events or anything.



hodgef wrote this answer on 2021-08-25

Hello @stuomas, as far as I can tell v-combobox is calling blur as soon as you click on another element. You can contrast this with the normal behavior of v-text-field which is a real input.

v-combobox's focus and blur behavior is actually quite inconsistent. Try taking simple-keyboard out of the page and click in and out of the combobox (e.g.: click on an empty space, click on the "Page 1" title, etc).

All in all, I believe this is an issue with v-combobox's code (which would need to be modified) and not simple-keyboard.

Francisco Hodge

stuomas wrote this answer on 2021-08-26

Thanks for checking it out @hodgef, I'll try to get Vuetify people to look at it. Did you find out why v-combobox doesn't call blur if you click the input twice and then type something on simple-keyboard? The same element is still in focus, what could the second click change?

Also, I am able to click SHIFT or CAPS button on simple-keyboard and it doesn't blur, but clicking any input button blurs again. That made me little suspect simple-keyboard also.

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