Using the Space to action a submit button

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Behind the onKeyPress, I am trying to allow the Space key to work like a physical keyboard e.g. I tab to a submit button then I want the Space on the simple-keyboard to "click" the button. I have got this to work however somewhere after this, it is assigning focus back to the last input field on the page. I am wondering if this is something inside the simple-keyboard code that is doing this?


hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-01-24

Hey @DeeDeeBru,

Do you mind providing a repro (test git repo or sandbox) where I can see and debug this issue? Generally simple-keyboard does not focus input elements.

I'll reopen once I get the repro. Thanks!
Francisco Hodge

DeeDeeBru wrote this answer on 2022-01-24

Thank you for confirming that. If it doesn't focus input elements, I may have missed something in the code (apologies, it's inherited code!). If I need to ask any more questions, I'll try and add a test repo.
Thanks again

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