Keyboard not displaying after router navigate on Angular

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Describe the bug
I'm using the simple-keyboard in an Angular project which basically consists of 2 components with same template (both containing a keyboard), each linked to the other through a router.navigateByUrl.

The keyboard displays fine when I initially land on the root component, but as I navigate to the second component, the keyboard doesn't display and its element in the DOM looks empty in the inspector.

This doesn't happen if I directly target the URL writing it in the browser address bar.

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hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-02-14

Hello @NPaolo,

The keyboard class needs to be instantiated every time the DOM element is recreated. I believe this doesn't happen in your logic as you change pages, but to confirm I would need a repro. Do you mind providing a test git repo or runnable sandbox example that would allow me to debug this?

I will reopen once that's provided, thanks!

dmesmin wrote this answer on 2022-02-28

@NPaolo I have the same issue, I tried to reproduce it with a simple stackblitz but I'm unable to, it's always working :p
Did you solve it ? thanks

hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-02-28

Hey @dmesmin do you mind providing a test git repository that shows the issue? I'm sure it has something to do with the app logic but I would need to debug to find a solution.

NPaolo wrote this answer on 2022-03-02

@dmesmin Hi, I also couldn't reproduce it on Stackblitz, but I figured out that the issue only comes up when I navigate from a keyboard page to another keyboard page.

So I solved it with a workaround, navigating first on a different page and then to the target page.

Page 1 (keyboard) --> Page 2 --> Page 3 (keyboard)

hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-03-02

Sadly I did not get the repro so I cannot tell for sure what the issue is. That being said, you can try giving different classes to each keyboard:

Alternatively, you can try calling destroy on route unload:

Hope that helps. Closing the thread as I cannot do much here without repro.

Francisco Hodge

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