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Hi Francisco,
It's sad that you lock the issue below while I'm still investigating it, 2 hours after I got an answer from OP.
I found what was the issue, it's not in your repo, but I guess I can provide some input if someone had the same issue but I can't in the old one as the issue is locked.

In my case the issue was a side-effect of Ionic:
Ionic sometimes caches angular components and therefore don't call standard Angular lifecycle hooks (such as OnInit, AfterViewInit, OnDestroy) even when a new page is displayed.
Therefore, in my case, the component that holds the keyboard was being re-used and those functions were never called:

 ngAfterViewInit() {
        this.keyboard = new Keyboard({...});
  ngOnDestroy(): void {

That's why simple-keyboard was not displayed the second time.

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Sadly I did not get the repro so I cannot tell for sure what the issue is. That being said, you can try giving different classes to each keyboard:

Alternatively, you can try calling destroy on route unload:

Hope that helps. Closing the thread as I cannot do much here without repro.

Francisco Hodge

Originally posted by @hodgef in #1446 (comment)

hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-03-02

Thanks for sharing the solution Daniel! I locked the issue #1446 because I thought the conversation could end up in a back and forth with no repro provided. I really appreciate that you took the time to share your findings with everyone.

Francisco Hodge

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