shift and caps lock button are working the same!?

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Describe the bug
Not sure if its a bug or intentional: but shift and caps lock button are currently working the same.

Expected behavior
From a regular keyboard I would expect to

  • press shift button once (keyboard adds "hg-layout-shift" class)
  • next letter would be in uppercase
  • now the class "hg-layout-shift" would be removed and any other letter in lowercase

I also need to differentiate between caps lock und shift in css to style the caps look button in active state.

Many thanks

hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-04-25

Hello @ray-kay,

There's a short mention of this behavior in the docs:

The demo in there will not address your feature request however. I think you will need to add your own logic to accomplish this (perhaps with the use of onKeyReleased). I will add this as an Enhancement proposal to build this in eventually but I don't expect to pick it up soon.

Francisco Hodge

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