error in node module when use the library

This issue has been tracked since 2022-10-11.

Simple-keyboard version
"simple-keyboard": "latest",

Describe the bug
i install the latest version of the library in my angular project (angular 11) and use
this is my implement code:

in ts file:

import Keyboard from 'simple-keyboard';

keyboard!: Keyboard;
value = "";
keyboard!: Keyboard;
  value = "";
  ngAfterViewInit() {
    this.keyboard = new Keyboard({
      onChange: input => this.onChange(input),
      onKeyPress: (button:any) => this.onKeyPress(button)

  onChange = (input: string) => {
    this.value = input;
    console.log("Input changed", input);

  onKeyPress = (button: string) => {
    console.log("Button pressed", button);

     * If you want to handle the shift and caps lock buttons
    if (button === "{shift}" || button === "{lock}") this.handleShift();

  onInputChange = (event: any) => {

  handleShift = () => {
    let currentLayout = this.keyboard.options.layoutName;
    let shiftToggle = currentLayout === "default" ? "shift" : "default";

      layoutName: shiftToggle

and in html :

<div style="text-align:center">
	<input (input)="onInputChange($event)" class="input" value={{value}} placeholder="Tap on the virtual keyboard to start" />
	<div class="simple-keyboard"></div>

and when i serve the project the following error accurs in my console:


hodgef wrote this answer on 2022-10-16

Wow that's a new one. Do you mind providing a test git repo so I can debug this issue?

Will reopen once I get the repro. Thanks!

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