[FR] :checkered_flag: Export BOM in CSV with alternative Part numbers

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Problem statement

It would be a great feature if when we are exporting BOM in CSV to share with other people full BOM with alternative part numbers listed as well

Suggested solution

It could be as simple as: "ALT PN 1, ALT DESC 1, ALT PN 2, ALT DESC 2" etc.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Currently we manually enter alts

Examples of other systems

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Do you want to develop this?

  • I want to develop this.
matmair wrote this answer on 2023-01-11

Sounds reasonable.
The priorities of the core team are not really in this area of the code right now (see https://inventree.org/blog/2023/01/02/upcoming) but maybe someone else comes around and develops it. Should be a good starter project as the export code is rather simple.

bloemp wrote this answer on 2023-01-11

Well I saw the "starter" tag and couldn't resist ;) I've created PR #4203 that hopefully does what the OP requests (or at least is a good starting point)

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