[FR] All Models should have Metadata attached

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Problem statement

I have some ideas of things I would like to implement in some plugin/using my own API scripts. However, the central models are missing the Metadata extension in several cases.

Suggested solution

Add the Metadata plugin to the Models missing it. See PR #3895 as a reference.

Already present:

  • Company
  • PO
  • SO
  • Part categories
  • Part
  • Stock item
  • Stock location

Not present yet:

  • Manufacturer part
  • Supplier part
  • Part labels
  • Stock item labels
  • Stock location labels
  • PO lines
  • PO extra lines
  • SO lines
  • SO extra lines
  • SO shipments
  • Build Orders
  • Build order items
  • BOM items
  • Part category parameter templates
  • Reports BOM
  • Reports Build
  • Reports PO
  • Reports SO
  • Reports test
  • Stock item test results
  • various attachments
  • Part parameters
  • Part relateds

No action on these:

  • Users
  • Part pricings
  • various price breaks

Input welcome - which ones make sense? Did I miss any which have had metadata models added since 0.9.2?

Describe alternatives you've considered

Alternative is to not do this at all :)

Examples of other systems

No response

Do you want to develop this?

  • I want to develop this.
matmair wrote this answer on 2023-01-13

I would not change the Users model, which can unintended effects in Django.
I would also prefer to not touch pricings/price breaks as we had big refactors there in the latest releases and I would like to wait for a few releases till we are sure nothing unobvious broke.

The rest seems fine @miggland

miggland wrote this answer on 2023-01-13

@matmair Makes sense, thanks for the input. I've reorganised the text above to make it a bit clearer on this, and what's already there.

matmair wrote this answer on 2023-01-13

Seems fine. If you create a PR please make sure that you reduce the number of migrations to as low as possible.

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