[FR] Introduce optional physical units to parameter input

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Problem statement

Currently, you have to enter the value of a parameter always in the same unit, which is mostly okay - except when someone in your team uses non-SI measurement systems. Then you start calculating.

Suggested solution

Integrate pinet to facilitate a unit conversion. This would also enable setting metric or imperial in the user settings.

  • API endpoint to convert from any unit to any
  • Add switch to parameter to enable base unit saving
  • Make the value of parameter optionally unit-safe
  • Add dynamic input to the interface with unit-diverse input
  • Opt: Detect unit from test
  • Opt: Add babel to include translations of units
  • Opt: Define custom units
  • Opt: Add template tag to do unit transformation in reports

Describe alternatives you've considered


Examples of other systems

I know partskeepr could do something similar. The 'big-boy' PLMs have this integrated as well.

Do you want to develop this?

  • I want to develop this.
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