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Problem statement

We have a part with multiple subassemblies which in turn have multiple levels of subassemblies. At this time we do not build any of those subassemblies separate and apart from the main build. We build all parts as we work through the whole build.

In order to allocate stock for all parts within the build, we have to do a build for all of the child builds. Doing a build for each child level is time consuming and requires manually keeping track of the child build creation process to make sure we do build for each subassembly at each level.

Suggested solution

Add a feature that would allow a build to be created for all subassemblies that are part of the BOM for the top level part. This would be similar to the way you can specific the BOM report to include all levels ( (e.g. 0 = all levels).

Describe alternatives you've considered

We could flatten the BOM to have no subassemblies but that would be unruly

Examples of other systems

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matmair wrote this answer on 2023-01-23

I think this option would make sense in core. Especially with the possibility to first prototype a few times and then start mass manufacturing.
The changes for this will probably be a bit involved so it might take a bit.

SchrodingersGat wrote this answer on 2023-01-30

@camiller000 a good idea, I think this would save a lot of time. Will require a lot of code both front-end and back-end but happy to support it :)

temmeand wrote this answer on 2023-02-05

Would this also take care of showing how many sub-assemblies could be build from a BOM?

Right now, I have sub-assemblies in a bill of materials. The "Can Build" column shows that I can build 0, meaning build 0 of the parent assembly. This is based of the number of sub-assemblies in stock, not how many sub-assemblies could be built. Currently, if I want to know how many of the parents I can build, I have to go to each sub-assembly, determine how many I can build, then go back to the parent and see if the sub-assembly or a different part limits the total number than can be built.

Some users may not want to know how many sub-assemblies can be built, only have many are built. It may need to be a setting for the entire system or a setting at the BOM level/view.

SchrodingersGat wrote this answer on 2023-02-05

@temmeand I see the point and I run into this with my technical team at work also. The "can build" is a flat calculation of the top level only. Digging any further down would be computationally expensive (prohibitively so). But perhaps there is a way to approach this?

Rincewind34 wrote this answer on 2023-02-09

I'm running into a similar issue. The sub builds are really not ideal right now. Even though the is a button to create the sub build in the correct amount (which might be time consuming but is at least convenient and thought out, especially when there are not many), the pain starts when you have sub-sub-builds - especially ones that require the same part to be built over different sub-builds.
It would be truly awesome to have that mechanic built in, that just shows me "You are missing (transitively) 100 self soldered cables for this build". At the moment, this is only possible after submitting all sub-builds and then checking the part screen for the number of missing BOM allocations (and if the part is also used in sub-sub-builds, there is no way to use InvenTree to calculate that - as far as I know).

Just wanna say again, great software!! Everyone in my team is very pleased with it - keep it up!

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