[FR] Attachments for Companies

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Problem statement

I would like to add information about my suppliers, for example their ISO certificates, billing guidelines, etc.

Suggested solution

The Attachment model, as it is implemented in other places, would be ideal.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Keeping files on disk ;)

Examples of other systems

See the following, where it was implemented for Manufacturer parts:


Do you want to develop this?

  • I want to develop this.
matmair wrote this answer on 2023-01-24

Sounds reasonable @miggland! Adding attachments to a class is pretty simple, as can be seen in the PR.

miggland wrote this answer on 2023-01-24

Yes, doesn't seem like an impossible task. Still, can't promise I'll have time to take care of this myself so I'm hoping for someone motivated :)

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