Feature request: Subfolder search of the devbox.json

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I'm using devbox inside a monorepo and I want to exec devbox shell while I'm in a nested folder.

├── a
│   └── content
├── b
│   └── content
└── devbox.json

While I'm inside a or b, running devbox shell result in Error: open devbox.json: no such file or directory and I want devbox to lookup if there is some parent folders that uses devbox.

savil wrote this answer on 2022-10-05

@QuentinN42 when inside a or b, could you try running devbox shell ../ and see if that works for you?

QuentinN42 wrote this answer on 2022-10-05

Yes it works but for example using git I don't need to give the absolute path to the base repo to make it works...

I think this line can be changed to return a null value.

return "."

Then in this folder if the path is null, recursively test devbox.Open(path) from current folder to root folder.


Lines 31 to 35 in 930867b

// Check the directory exists.
box, err := devbox.Open(path)
if err != nil {
return errors.WithStack(err)

I've found others issues about the devbox.json file like #109 or #24 so I think this is the best way to implement this feature without adding too much technical depth...

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