Feature Request: Start Multiple Processes in the background when running Devbox Shell

This issue has been tracked since 2022-09-30.

Current State

Currently developers do not have an easy way to start multiple processes in the background when starting their devbox shell. While this can be done manually by running commands and then backgrounding them in the shell, this is fairly cumbersome and manual to do every time the developer starts the shell.

Developers may want this for development shells that require multiple processes to run at the same time (e.g., a LAMP stack which would require a running Apache server and MySQL database)

Proposed State

Developers should be able to provide a list of processes that they want to start when their shell initializes:

"processes": [
   "mariadb start",
   "apachectl -f httpd.conf"

The processes should start in the background in their own shell, before the user is dropped into their devbox shell. The users should have a way from the CLI to switch between the different shells and processes without having to restart devbox shell.

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