Adding a NUR (Nix User Repository!)

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Hi! I'd like to install packages from a NUR: and just doing devbox add didn't work.
I'm fairly new to this ecosystem, so apologizes in advance if I'm missing something obvious!

$ devbox add nur.repos.rseops.caliper
Error: package nur.repos.rseops.caliper not found

How do I tell devbox about this set of NUR repos? There are quite a few good packages there.

Update: this thread might have helpful hints for how we'd add it directly to nix:

Many thanks!

loreto wrote this answer on 2022-11-08

Hi @vsoch ,

Thanks for making this suggestion. We currently only install packages from nixpkgs (

But I could imagine supporting a notation like the one you outlined to allow installing packages from other sources as well. Let me discuss with the team to see what we can do.


vsoch wrote this answer on 2022-11-08

Awesome thank you! This would be hugely appreciated.

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