Issue when used to install nix on Mac OS Ventura 13.1

This issue has been tracked since 2022-12-22.

I see the following in the logs when installing Nix. Not entirely sure this is going to be an issue in using devbox, but there's definitely a bug:

~~> Setting up the basic directory structure
chown: /nix/.Trashes: Operation not permitted
chown: /nix/.Trashes: Operation not permitted
loreto wrote this answer on 2022-12-22

Thanks for reporting! We'll take a look. It might take us a bit longer than usual as we're entering the holiday season and some of the team is away; but we'll report back on this ticket once we address.

mikeland86 wrote this answer on 2022-12-22

Thanks for the report! Two quick questions:

  1. Is this your first nix install? Or is this a reinstall? (This error can happen when you have an existing /nix directory before the install)
  2. If you try to install nix directly ( do you get same issue?

It is possible this doesn't affect devbox. If that's the case let us know as well!


Lagoja wrote this answer on 2022-12-27

I tested this on Mac OS Ventura 13.1 with Devbox 0.2.0. I did get the same error in my logs, but the nix install seemed to proceed as normal, and I got a successful Nix installation that worked with Devbox. So right now this doesn't seem to affect Devbox

I think this may happen when a /nix store already exists on the machine. If it does end up breaking the install, the correct next steps would be to uninstall Nix completely and try again.

Lagoja wrote this answer on 2023-01-26

Should be addressed by the new installer, but the chown: /nix/.Trashes: Operation not permitted error seems to be something happening on the NixOS Installer, so the bug would need to be filed there

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