Ember Global Deprecation Warning

This issue has been tracked since 2022-05-24.

There's a deprecation warning suggesting that ember-truth-helpers is dependent on an outdated version of ember-cli-babel.

WARNING: [DEPRECATION] [DEPRECATION] Usage of the Ember Global is deprecated. You should import the Ember module or the specific API instead.

See https://deprecations.emberjs.com/v3.x/#toc_ember-global for details.

Usages of the Ember Global may be caused by an outdated ember-cli-babel dependency. The following steps may help:

* Upgrade the following addons to the latest version:
[other addons]
  * ember-truth-helpers
### Details ###

Prior to v7.26.6, ember-cli-babel sometimes transpiled imports into the equivalent Ember Global API, potentially triggering this deprecation message indirectly, even when you did not observe these deprecated usages in your code.


It looks like this can be fixed by updating ember-cli-babel to at least 7.26.6

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