Problem with final files from section 9: Data Structures, Modern Operators and Strings

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Hi Jonas,

There's something wrong with the final script for this section. There's no part 1 for the betting football challenge that's in the video lesson.

rodhash wrote this answer on 2021-06-25

Hi @geancanova

I just had this exact issue, the JS code in this repo doesn't match the video lesson however the PDF seems fine, I was able to grab the coding challenge from there.

In Udemy it's under Section1 video3, it has a .zip file attached.

Inside the .zip file there is one named all-coding-challenges.pdf, there I was able to grab the object as in the lesson video.

I have never bothered downloading the PDF since we had this repo available but it seems it's more accurate in there. I decided to come here warning about that and found your issue. Hope Jonas is able to update this repo.

I believe you're also on section9, right? Here is a print screen, his lesson on the left and the PDF on the right side.


geancanova wrote this answer on 2021-06-25

hi, @rodhash !

Thanks for your help!

I managed to find these files too and ended up using them to resolve the challenges.

But I think there is something messy with the files in this section, so I opened this issue to make @jonasschmedtmann know about it. 👍

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