doesn't work

This issue has been tracked since 2020-06-03. doesn't work.
I tried latest Firefox and Chrome; Linux, Windows; desktop, smartphone; different counties, no luck.

I selected a file to share

I opened URL in another computer (another IP and location), pressed download button and see Peers: 0 · Up: 0 Bytes · Down: 0 Bytes

Does it works for you?
Please, let me know if you need any logs from me.

andrekutianski wrote this answer on 2020-06-03


alexpear wrote this answer on 2020-06-29

I also have this problem. It doesnt even work with 2 tabs of the same browser.

BattleOfPlassey wrote this answer on 2020-09-20

yes doesnt work

Tinoooo wrote this answer on 2020-09-20

For anyone looking for an alternative: I think is a pretty good substitute.

milanovitch44 wrote this answer on 2021-01-01

It has something to do with the server rendering the page instead of the client.

When I run npm start in a localhost, I can download it in another tab without any problems.

KonradLinkowski wrote this answer on 2021-07-23

@kern could you look into that?

sc84647 wrote this answer on 2022-05-18

I get the same issue, with the same Invariant Violation error in the console

joshuaganger wrote this answer on 2022-07-05

Still broken in Chrome & Firefox. I'll second - appears to have the same form and function (just missing the cute pizza topping path). Major advantage is that it works!

Mopfus wrote this answer on 2022-09-12

Same for me. It does not work at all. I trief but their GUI is very ugly and has less good functions. I like the idea if the link as ingredients. And also the qr code is quite handy.
Very sad that this very nice software is not working any more. 😭

jacktose wrote this answer on 2022-09-13

I trief but their GUI is very ugly and has less good functions.

@Mopfus You might prefer (which is linked from

escape0707 wrote this answer on 2022-09-14

@jacktose That site seems to be not open sourced and try to let me upload smaller files before I'm able to share them p2p with others.

Actually, I've figured out that transferring files though UDP to my friend with ISP's firewall's censorship is not reliable as UDP usually got throttled. Now I just use miniserve + Freenom + CloudFlare DNS + Let's Encrypt + Google BBRv1 combo to host a mini website and share files to them through HTTPS.

Mopfus wrote this answer on 2022-09-14

I trief but their GUI is very ugly and has less good functions.

@Mopfus You might prefer (which is linked from

Nope. I don’t want to upload my files to some random server I don’t know. The idea of a pizza is p2p. And that’s a great idea! This one wormhole thing has nothing to do with P2P.

Technetium1 wrote this answer on 2022-09-14
Mopfus wrote this answer on 2022-09-14

AWESOME! Thank you very much. At the moment I like sharedrop the most, but I will keep on testing a little bit more. The thing for such tools is, that it has to be easy-to-use for nomal-not-tech-users. Because then they are needed the most. So that not dad wants to send all the 100 holiday pictures via WhatsApp or so...

Technetium1 wrote this answer on 2022-09-14

@Mopfus my advice is to teach how to compress a folder of stuff, and justbeamit over, since it's the most user friendly I've come across so far. If you were super motivated, you could make a simple wrapper for croc with pyinstaller or something to initialize outgoing transfers.

EDIT: Some people are already on that...
You inspired me to open this issue, maybe follow for updates: freeacetone/croc-gui#1

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