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use this code No effect. I think is that can drag at regular intervals.(使用以下代码没有任何效果,我的理解是可以按照固定的间隔拖拽)
:snapToGrid="true" :gridX="iw" :gridY="ih"
When we use V-for loop, we use: x y to locate the location. When we delete one, we will find that the location will change, but the value has not changed. Why?
(当我们用v-for循环使用的时候,使用:x y来定位位置,当我们删除一个的时候,会发现定位的位置会发生改变,但是值并没有改变,为什么?)
<VueDragResize v-for="(item,index) in detail" :isActive="true" :w="iw*item.width" :h="ih*item.height" :x="iw*item.left" :y="ih*" :snapToGrid="true" :gridX="iw" :gridY="ih" :isResizable="false" parentLimitation :isDraggable="item.width!=12" v-on:dragstop="stopDrag" @clicked="clicked(item)"> <div class="itemLayout" :style="{width:iw*item.width+'px',height: ih*item.height+'px' }"> {{}} <Icon ref="delete" type="ios-backspace" class="itemDelete" size="22" @click="delte(index)"></Icon> </div> </VueDragResize>
<没有删除前 before>
<删除后 after>

sunshinewu wrote this answer on 2019-08-29

the same problem as yrs

WHM1 wrote this answer on 2021-09-02

Hello, I meet the same problem as you, has this problem been solved?

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