When NPM, the component does not have the "snapToGrid" attribute, but it is version 1.3.2

This issue has been tracked since 2019-06-11.

When NPM, the component does not exist "snapToGrid,gridX,gridY", but the source code does exist on github.

ArhontSL wrote this answer on 2019-06-27

Will this problem be solved?

PiccoloYu wrote this answer on 2019-08-13

Yes, I did.

zcqno1 wrote this answer on 2019-08-23

It seems that there's a long time not to release new version after the v1.3.2 on 29 Jun 2018, though there are some features and fixes from then on.

ehhc wrote this answer on 2019-10-02

Is there any hope for a new npm package? :)

Alexlg89 wrote this answer on 2019-10-29

Bump :)

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