@deactivated is not triggered when clicked on another instance of vue-drag-size

This issue has been tracked since 2020-04-10.

First of all, thank you for your work. It's pretty awesome.
I have one problem though: I have multiple instances of draggable containers and I want to have the one that the user is manipulating in the front.

I thought I could just change the z-index depending on if the item is active or not.
Now the problem is, that the @deactivated event is not triggered if I click on another vue-drag-resize instance.
Only if I click outside of all instances the @deactivate is triggered twice.

Is there any quick solution to this problem?
Or could you somehow include a check on if one is clicking on the current element, and if not trigger the event?

Thanks for your feedback.

pinkcao wrote this answer on 2021-04-16

you need to write a function to set all other instance.active = false which will be called on activated

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