Add OIDC Client Credentials Grant as authenthification method

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At the moment you can use basic auth and ntlm to authenticate against http endpoints.
To monitor the availability of APIs it would be helpful to have the additional alternative with the OIDC Client Credentials Grant

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request a jwt token and add it as bearer header to oidc protected http endoints

Most of the providers (I checked KeyCloak, AWS Cognito and Azure AD) implement the client credential flow according to the standard
Auth0 as another big provider adds an additional field to the request with audience

So my suggestion would be that if you select OIDC Client Credentials Grant as auth method in the UI you receive the following input fields

  • Token Endpoint
  • Client Id
  • Client Secret


  • Scope
  • Audience

Then before the actual http call is triggered a jwt token is requested and added to the http header.
Because the response of the grant flow should also contains an expire time the token can be cached.


I'm aware that the push monitor would be alternative possibility but would be nice to handle the checks with a build in functionality

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I would also be willing to provide a PR for the topic

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