Crash turning off Hack Gravity

This issue has been tracked since 2022-07-01.
    @   00007FFAC11D443F  	google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal [0x00007FFAC11D443E+46]
    @   00007FFA857A50C1  	principia__VesselVelocity [0x00007FFA857A50C0+1050160]
    @   00007FFA85675877  	principia__InsertUnloadedPart [0x00007FFA85675876+646]
    @   000001AC8E03F277  	(No symbol) [0x000001AC8E03F276]
F0701 18:24:55.874464  5856 plugin.cpp:1653] Check failed: inserted part_id: 64777563

First seen in Heine, consistently reproducible in Hesse. logs & journal

Steps: (have not tried to reduce to minimal repro case)

  • place vessel in orbit (via KCT Sim)
  • enable Hack Gravity
  • decouple, turning the 1 vessel into 2 vessels
  • go to 10x time warp
  • turn off Hack Gravity
    -> game immediately freezes, goes to desktop after a few seconds
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