Changing the sign of a flight plan delta-v value

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QoL issue with the new fancy flight plan editor, similar to #3475 : it used to be possible to double-click-select one of the dv values and type either a positive or negative number, regardless of the sign of the previous value; now it's not possible to change the sign this way, because the sign in the input field is separate from the numbers, doesn't get highlighted with it, and the validator doesn't accept a second sign.

Making the validator accept +-NNN would help with the "change from positive to negative", but making "-+NNN" get treated as "+NNN" for the reverse case would be weird. Not seeing another way to handle it though

eggrobin wrote this answer on 2022-12-28

Additional discussion on Discord:

<@lpgagnon> fwiw my main use case is starting a new flight plan by entering a negative number (I'm going to the moon, I know the capture is going to be -900). So maybe just not displaying a sign when the value is zero is all it takes
<@eggrobin> good point. making a double-click grab the sign should be easy enough, but then it makes changing a negative value to another one more annoying, which seems like cooling one spacebar to warm another

lpgagnon wrote this answer on 2023-01-12

The change does not appear sufficient to achieve the goal; still can't actually type in a negative number:

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 19 45 27

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