Computation failed with error 4 when extending flight plan

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Error message "Computation failed with error 4" appears when I extend a flight plan similar to the usual TLI maneuver to 10-20 days.
Steps to replicate:

  • enter the VAB, simulate any craft in 200km orbit,
  • create flight plan with max steps 4096, tolerance 10m, plan length 4 days
  • add maneuver with t initial = 1h 1m, dV = 3150 prograde, inertially fixed, instant impulse
  • extend flight plan from 4 days to 14 days or similar (entered 14 instead of 4 in the field, without moving the slider)





Another screenshot (different craft, same issue)


pleroy wrote this answer on 2022-12-28

We are running into this limit:

static constexpr std::int64_t max_ephemeris_steps_per_frame = 1000;

The right fix is probably to make the computation of the flight plan asynchronous, but that's a bit of work.

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