nuxt 2.16 has postcss8 by default

This issue has been tracked since 2023-02-09.


@nuxtjs/tailwindcss: 6.3.1
nuxt: 2.16.0

Steps to reproduce

install nuxt 2.16 and add nuxtjs/tailwind, you get an error like:
FATAL Cannot destructure property 'nuxt' of 'this' as it is undefined. 13:32:58
which his actually covered here already: #572
but actually this is caused by installing postcss8, which is not needed anymore on nuxt 2.16 as it is now the default see

What is Expected?

do not install postcss8 for nuxt 2.16.. i tested it locally by just commeting out:

if (isNuxt2()) {
      // await installModule("@nuxt/postcss8");

in dist/module.mjs
and eveything seems working perfectly fine :-)

What is actually happening?

it install postcss8 and breaks.

nathakits wrote this answer on 2023-02-09

I'm also having this issue after upgrading Nuxt to 2.16.0

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