ENH: Ability to specify only `rows` or `columns` as `margins` using `pd.pivot_table`

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Feature Type

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Problem Description

Currently, using pd.pivot_table(..., margins=True) applies aggfunc to both axes. This is not always useful, depending on the use case, and so I propose changing margins to allow the specific axis of interest to be specified.

e.g., in this example I am only interested in adding a daily total sales

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

df = pd.DataFrame(
        "state": ["CA", "WA", "CO", "AZ"] * 3,
        "office_id": list(range(1, 7)) * 2,
        "date": [pd.Timestamp.now().date() - pd.Timedelta(days=d) for d in range(6)] * 2,
        "sales": [np.random.randint(100_000, 999_999) for _ in range(12)]
        "sales": np.float64,
        "date": pd.api.types.pandas_dtype("O")

df.pivot_table(index=["office_id", "date"], columns="state", margins=True, aggfunc="sum").iloc[:-1, :].stack() # workaround
df.pivot_table(index=["office_id", "date"], columns="state", margins="rows", aggfunc="sum").stack() # proposed syntax

Feature Description

from typing import Literal

def pivot_table(
    data: DataFrame,
    margins: Literal["rows", "columns", "both"] | bool = False

Perhaps in future, boolean argument would be depreciated in favour of more explicit "both" argument.

Alternative Solutions

Currently the only way to achieve this outcome is by slicing to remove the axis which is not of interest (i.e. in above example with iloc)

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