Feature Request - Filter Out Specific `Label=Value` From the UI By Default

This issue has been tracked since 2022-06-15.

As a feature request, I would to be able to configure removing certain label=value pairs by default in the karma UI. Similar to hwo we can filter our certain labels:

      keep: []
        - task_id

One could go a step deeper and specify what label=value pair we want stripped from the UI

eduardobaitello wrote this answer on 2022-08-11

I believe that Karma already has support for that. As per CONFIGURATION.md:

some labels aren't useful to users and so can be removed from the UI, this is controlled by keep, keep_re, strip and strip_re options. [...] Syntax:

    static: list of strings
    unique: list of strings
        - value: string
          value_re: regex
          color: string
  order: list of strings
  keep: list of strings
  keep_re: list of regex
  strip: list of strings
  strip_re: list of regex
  valueOnly: list of strings
  valueOnly_re: list of regex
jacklozano wrote this answer on 2022-08-15
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