Authorization ACLs using groups in the HTTP header

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Do ACLs support using groups defined in the HTTP header? I'm guessing this should work.

I have an HTTP header returned x-auth-request-groups that has the following contents:

The groups are returned via authentication against Keycloak (using oauth2-proxy) on kubernetes. I'd like to allow members of the SG-KAdmin group to be able to create silences and everyone else can simply view alerts.

My acl looks like:

  - action: block
    reason: silences are blocked
        - name_re: .+
          value_re: .+
  - action: allow
    reason: admins can create silences
        - SG-KAdmin

I currently do no have groups defined in the authorization part of the karma config file. If I define a group here, karma logs a message that members are required, whereas I want the members defined at keycloak rather than than on karma. Is this possible?

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