Problem when silencing alerts to alertmanager with name containing forward slash

This issue has been tracked since 2022-09-12.

This is similar issues as described in issue #3651, but occurs when using forward slash '/' within alertmanager name.
Actually the fix PR #3664 for issue #3651 introduced regression.

What happened?
Creating silence fails with 404 "Not found" error.

What to expect?
Silence is properly set.

What works?
Problem doesn't exists in karma v0.92 and below.
Problem exists in karma v0.93 and above (up to current last version v0.108).
Problem can be also resolved by using for example spaces instead of forward slashes within alertmanager names.

prymitive wrote this answer on 2022-09-18

This seems to be due to go-chi/chi#641

RawPath usage in chi means that a request for /alertmanager/foo%2Fbar/ doesn't match alertmanager foo/bar since we'll have Path: /alertmanager/foo/bar/ but RawPath: /alertmanager/foo%2Fbar/

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