[FEAT] Support Header-Paragraph Syntax Style

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
My workflow consists mainly of composing articles in simple prose with multiple levels of headings to structure the content.
Often, there is one (or more, but not all) crucial subsection which I would like to keep as a flashcard.
Other flashcard solutions allow to just annotate the (sub)heading with a simple #card-tag and then have a flashcard with the sub(heading) as the question and the subsequent content as the answer, which would perfectly solve my issue.

E.g., the obisidan_to_anki-plugin calls this "Header paragraph style".
The flashcards-plugin works the same way.

Describe the solution you'd like
I would love to able to use #card (or equivalent) to transform (sub)sections into flashcards for which the title is the question and the body of the section is the answer.
While the name "header paragraph style" suggest only the following paragraph to be contained in the answer-field of the flashcard, I would like the answer-field to contain the full (sub)section (meaning all content until the next same-level heading).
The context of the flashcard would be the (sub)section containing the subsection to be transformed into the flashcard.

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