[FEAT] Ability to include full context including all parent decks leading up to the subdeck the current card is in.

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Currently, if you have cards that are present in Files or subdecks with the same name, it can be hard to tell the exact topic that that card relates to.

Say for example I'm studying different programming languages and I have a bunch of flashcards on some programming topic. Usually the topics will be similar and thus have similar names. This means that if I may have a question along the lines of "How do you implement an interface?". If I'm only studying one language this is easy but if I just want to review all my flashcards, the answer to this can vary a lot depending on the language that the question is related to.

Looking at the context (via the heading context setting) doesn't help here because these can still be ambiguous. Classes > Fields for example lets me know that it's an OOP language but it's still not enough to know whether the question is related to Java, C#, C++, etc etc etc.

The above example is contrived but you get my meaning.

Describe the solution you'd like
I'd like an option to include full context for where the card is located. This could be in the card name by allowing it to show the "Full Context Card Names" where instead of showing "Deck : 1" You could have it show "ParentDeck > Subdeck1 > Subdeck2 > Deck : 1".

For example: currently mine shows "Types: n". However, this deck is located within a subdeck in ProgrammingLanguages > C# > Types. So instead the card name could show "ProgrammingLanguages > C# > Types : n".

Additional Context:
I can provide some visual examples if the explanation isn't clear enough.

AB1908 wrote this answer on 2022-12-08

This is relatively easy for tag based deck structure. Any thoughts on when we use folder based decks?

NiamhFerns wrote this answer on 2022-12-08

I'm not sure how you'd implement it but you could just show the path from the root of the vault?

So if I have folders such that they were in the folder structure Outer > Middle > Inner > Note, you could show it in the note as a path from the outer most. Showing it in the anki way with :: would work too. Instead of showing the tags at the top you'd Show Outer/Middle/Inner/Note. You'd show it instead of the deck name/tag that currently sits at the top of the card.


So here instead of showing "Libraries" in my case it would show "Programming/Languages/Java/Swing".

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