[FEAT] Support multiple spaced repetition algorithms

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The SM-2 algorithm is inflexible and out of date,Algorithms need to be provided that can be chosen by people。

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A friend of mine is also an expert on spaced repetition algorithms and has published a paper at ACM SIGKDD proposing a modern spaced repetition algorithm. Here is the free access version https://www.maimemo.com/paper/
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Both Remnote and Anki already support the new algorithm, and I hope your plugin will support it too. Here is his contact information:
twwitter: https://twitter.com/JarrettYe?s=20

st3v3nmw wrote this answer on 2023-01-01

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into the algorithm

st3v3nmw wrote this answer on 2023-01-01

Tracking in #516 instead

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