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I typically study flashcards from mobile (Android phone) as I am often on the fly. When I click on the answer & am taken to the answerer side it is not very easy to view the content of the answer.

Due to the placement of the reset card progress button the content of the answer ends up being viewed in a narrow column of sorts. This makes it quite difficult to view on mobile as a result of the limited screen real estate

See image.
Side note: The image I provided would not actually be used as a flashcard. I simply grabbed a random file that would iterate my point of the narrow view that had no info that I was unable to share due to confidentiality issues. So I am quite aware that I would normally structure the card differently

Describe the solution you'd like

To place the reset card progress button in a way that it would not make the answer narrow when viewing it

Some possible options are: (1) place beside the easy, good & hard buttons at the bottom (2) Place beside the edit later button

Thanks for considering the feature request

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st3v3nmw wrote this answer on 2023-01-08

This is in the pipeline (see #589) and will be available soon.
Thanks for the bug report!

badjerphoenix wrote this answer on 2023-01-08

Sounds good
Thanks for keeping me in the loop

monstertank wrote this answer on 2023-01-09
.sr-link {
    float: unset !important;

current temporary solution

badjerphoenix wrote this answer on 2023-01-11
.sr-link {
    float: unset !important;

current temporary solution

How exactly does that work as I am not so familiar with that kind of thing? Also, is this on a per card basis where it has to be entered onto every flashcard?

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