More flexible formatting (especially blank lines) for flashcards

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The plugin allows multiple line formats for the front and back of flashcards. However, you cannot have any blank lines.

Describe the solution you'd like
Instead of just using a separator between the front and back of a card, use fences to indicate where the front begins, where the front ends and back begins, and where the back ends. Maybe something like this:

This is the first line of my question.

This is the second line my question.
This is the first line of my answer.

This is the second line of my answer.

I don't know how the parser works, and admittedly this is a pretty silly solution, but it sure would be nice to have much richer formatting --- including blank lines, headers, etc. --- for the front and back of cards.

I was able to get around this somewhat by appending <br> to the end of each line, but that is a pretty awkward solution.

I also tried the following:

blah blah blah
line 1

line 2

but the parser sees this as two cards.

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