[FEAT] Nested flashcards.

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I'm used to a concept-descriptor framework from RemNote and I think it would be beneficial to sometimes use it in obsidian. You create notes in the following way:

Concept (ex. Signal processing methods):
- descriptor 1 (ex. ECG:: electrocardiogram)
- descriptor 2 (ex. EGG:: electrogastrogram)

Describe the solution you'd like
This way it would generate 3 flashcards:

  1. Multiline flashcard for Concept ? desc1 & desc2
  2. Simple flashcard for descriptor 1
  3. Simple flashcard for descriptor 2

Additional context
This way we can create notes with a flow to them and not repeat ourselves. Currently to achieve it I would need to type:

Signal processing methods:

ECG meaning >> electrocardiogram
EGG meaning >> electrogastrogram
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