[BUG] Editting flashcards immediately shifts to the next card

This issue has been tracked since 2023-02-17.

Describe the bug
If I click on the above button, it immediately shifts to the next card. I have no idea if it is considered red, blue, or green difficulty - I'm not even sure what happens or why it shifts. The expected behavior after an edit is to remain on the card and wait for a red,blue or green button press, on?

To Reproduce
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  1. Go to '...'
  2. Click on '....'
  3. Scroll down to '....'
  4. See error

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maggaou wrote this answer on 2023-02-20

I can confirm that this happens sometimes. I think it can be hard to reproduce because it doesn't happen always.

AB1908 wrote this answer on 2023-03-20

This is painful if it doesn't always happen. That said, I was the one who designed it this way. The intention is that if you're editing a card, you know what the answer immediately is and thus can't really test yourself, so I set it to auto skip. The exact line is

. It does not skip if you haven't edited the answer since there's a chance someone clicked it accidentally, made no changes and submitted and still want to test themselves on the card.

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