Logic Editor / Tab - The First Row/Panel entry is displayed in a list of available elements

This issue has been tracked since 2023-01-25.

Original issue: T11790 - Choose names to display for question in visibleIf statements.

I have a Panel Dynamic / Matrix Dynamic questions. I want to configure a logic expression using these questions.

In Logic Editor, a list of available elements contains the first row / first panel:

In Logic tab: it is different. A list of available elements contains the panel/row element (e.g., question1.panel.question2) and also a question instance of the first panel/row (e.g., question1[0].question2). The same applies to Matrix Dynamic:

I see the following issues with this approach:

  • Questions are literally duplicated.
  • If Matrix Dynamic contains more rows (e.g., 5 rows), these rows are not displayed in a Logic Editor - Why?
  • If I remove question1[0] entried from a list using creator.onConditionQuestionsGetList function, it will be ok in the Logic tab:
    However, I won't see any question1 (Panel Dynanic) questions in the Visible If expression editor: because all items will be filtered out:


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