Simulator dropdown is added every time readOnly is set a value

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Reporting a bug

What is the current behavior?

Calling surveyCreator.readOnly=false or surveyCreator.readOnly=true multiple times results in multiple instances of 'Choose device' dropdown in 'Test Survey' tab.

What is the expected behavior?

Only one 'Choose device' dropdown must be created.

How would you reproduce the current behavior (if this is a bug)?

Call surveyCreator.readOnly=false several times.

Specify your

  • browser: Chrome 110.0.5481.97
  • editor version: 1.9.72
JaneSjs wrote this answer on 2023-02-26

Hello @zy-serguei,
I created the following demo, but didn't get any issues:

Please clarify how to reproduce the problem.

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