Edit the Logo Position survey property in Property Grid

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Proposal feature: Edit logo position

What is the current behavior?

i saw these texts on localization file, but i don't see any action on survey UI

    logoPosition: 'Logo position',
    addLogo: 'Add logo...',
    changeLogo: 'Change logo...',
    logoPositions: {
      none: 'Remove logo',
      left: 'Left',
      right: 'Right',
      top: 'On the top',
      bottom: 'In the bottom',


What is the expected behavior?

I hope you can add "Edit logo position" option so that i can edit logo position

Tested page URL: https://surveyjs.io/survey-creator/examples/free-nps-survey-template/reactjs

JaneSjs wrote this answer on 2023-03-20

Hello @HoaDevDn,
Thank you for your suggestion. I forwarded it to the development team for further consideration. In the meantime, you can edit a survey JSON model and specify the survey.logoPosition property.

 "title": "Survey Title&Logo demo",
 "description": "Please take look at the survey title and logo. Test the settings on the right panel ->",
 "logo": "https://surveyjs.io/favicon.ico",
 "logoWidth": "60px",
 "logoHeight": "60px",
 "logoPosition": "right"

Please let me know if you have any questions.

JaneSjs wrote this answer on 2023-03-28

Hello @HoaDevDn,
Please use the following code to display the Survey | Logo Position property in the Property Grid | Logo category:

const logoPositionProp = Survey.Serializer.findProperty("survey", "logoPosition");
logoPositionProp.category = "logo";
logoPositionProp.visible = true;



Please feel free to reactivate this thread if you have further questions.

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